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The SALVATION combines the soft and vibrant typing experience of an innovative leaf spring mounting system with a 60% tray case design.


The PCB is supported by silicon rubber standoffs attached to FR4 (fiberglass) leaf springs mounted to the case. Foam pads underneath the leaf springs provide vibration dampening and force modulation.

The leaf springs provide exceptional flexibility, allowing the entire plate/PCB subassembly to yield under keystrokes and vibrate in isolation from the case. The result is a typing experience that is soft and vibrant across the whole keyboard.

What's Included.

1 x SALVATION Aluminium Case
1 x SALVATION Brass Internal Weight
1 x wilba.tech WT60-D WEIRDFLEX PCB (solderable) or 
wilba.tech WT60-H1 AVOCADO PCB (hotswap)
4 x SKUF Silicone Rubber Feet
12 x SALVATION FR4 Leaf Springs
16 x Silicone Rubber Standoffs
16 x PORON Foam Pads
4 x M2x3.5mm threaded spacers (for PCB mount to leaf springs)
8 x M2x3mm screws (for PCB mount to leaf springs)
12 x M2x4mm screws (for leaf spring mount to case)
4 x M3x5mm screws (for internal weight mount to case)
1 x Carry case

Weight and Dimensions.

Aluminium Case: 987 g (2.18 pound)
Brass Internal Weight: 208 g (0.46 pound)
Width: 304.80 mm (12.00 inch)
Depth: 115.31 mm (4.54 inch) 

Extra Info and Layouts.

7.5° slope
Bead-blasted anodized aluminium case
Bead-blasted cerakoted brass internal weight
Nickel plated, copper clad FR4 (fibreglass) plate
QMK compatible, fully programmable with VIA configurator



The colors might slightly differ from the photo's. 
The photo's can show different depending on your monitor and the compression! 

Our QC standards are set by us and not by the customer. 

Visual flaws on the internal of the case are sometimes un-avoidable and are not considered grounds for returns. 

We QC all our boards in Daylight / outdoor Sunlight and a indoor QC lamp. 
"Anodizing artifacts" are not considered defects if you have to shine bright lights close to the board for the "Artifact" to even become slightly visible. 

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