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Welcome back to the updated Salvun store! Our main goal was to make the site much more useful on a daily and weekly basis, add more content, plus provide some much needed improvements. There's a lot we were able to realize, so let us go through all of them and give you the details: Three New Product Categories We have three new exciting collections, with more to come in the near future. Each has at least one product to kick things off: To provide you with more options for your keyboard builds we partnered up with AEBoards to become the official European vendor for their...

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Here are some updates on the anodizing delays from Salvun: I have been on the phone for the past couple of days, trying to see what is up with all the boards and prototypes that are currently still at the anodizer. Last week I was told they would be sent back here this week. It is clear that is not going to happen. I am just as unhappy as everyone else waiting to get the cases back. They are taking their sweet time it seems, unfortunately. So I called them in my unhappy mood, and asked them: what the hell is up? In reality there are multiple factors at...

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We have some updates for you on the COVID-19 related delays. Although Salvun has kept working during these times, a lot of supply-lines and downstream processing were very disturbed: machining of the Sophia prototype is done, and waiting at the anodizer; machining of the Voidcase is done, and waiting at the anodizer; machining of next Synth batch is done, and waiting at the anodizer; Conone keyboards are machined, and waiting at the anodizer; Slope keyboards are machined, and waiting at the anodizer; new batch of Salvun keycaps are waiting at the anodizer. Sadly, the anodizer was closed for most of the last couple months, and is only...

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