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Wilba's WT60-D WEIRDFLEX PCB is compatible with most 60% cases that support a USB-C connector on the PCB. It has tray case mount holes for cases such as Mekanisk Fjell, Mekanisk Klippe, KBDfans Tofu, and other similar cases based around the legacy Poker2 form factor. It can also fit in cases where the PCB is mounted via the switches to the plate, and the plate is attached to the case, and also cases made from laser cut acrylic.

The PCB has slots above and below the alpha keys, providing some flex if built using a half-plate or without plate. Note that building with half-plate or without plate may cause so much flex that the PCB may make contact with the case if typing very hard, or be too flexible in feel. It is advised to use a foam layer or cut small pieces of foam to support the PCB in places and tweak the amount of flexibility to your preference. If building with a full plate in any material, foam layer or supports are not required.

It supports the most popular layout options of custom keyboard enthusiasts. The bottom row supports 6.25U and 7U spacebar, thus supporting cases with HHKB and Winkeyless blockers. The backspace and right shift can be split (like HHKB), and the Caps Lock can be full or stepped. ISO Enter and split left shift is also supported.

Also, the PCB is compatible with the Unified Daughterboard standard, via the JST connector footprint on the PCB (requires soldering JST connector, sold separately), and thus may be compatible with cases that use the Unified Daughterboard and PCBs with the JST connector in the same position (wilba.tech Thermal, Keycult No.1/60, Mekanisk Klippe S).


  • Standard 1.6mm thickness, black core FR4 substrate.
  • Cherry MX specification footprints.
  • USB-C and PCB mount holes in legacy Poker2 locations.
  • Flex cutouts above and below alpha keys.
  • Optional Caps Lock LED, using through-hole LED in Caps Lock switch.
  • QMK and VIA support.
  • Reset button.
  • Optional JST connector footprint for Unified Daughterboard (requires modification).


How do I change layouts?

The PCB has VIA compatible firmware already installed. Install VIA application from here: https://caniusevia.com/ 

Will this PCB fit in Thermal?

Yes, with some modifications (solder JST connector). Thermal case has clearance for the USB-C so it does not need desoldering. It is fully compatible with the Thermal plate.

Will this PCB fit in Polaris?

No, Polaris requires a 1.2mm thick PCB and this PCB is 1.6mm. Maybe it will if you mod the case, I don’t know.

Will this PCB fit in Salvation?


Will this PCB fit in Mekanisk Fjell, Klippe, Klippe S or Type X?


Will this PCB fit in Mekanisk Tind or Keycult No.1/60?

Yes, with some modifications (desolder USB-C, solder JST connector).

Will this PCB fit in Singa Unikorn?

Conditionally yes. If building without the rubber band, then it should work like any other tray case. If building with the rubber band, notches need to be cut from the PCB edge like the original PCB. Apiary Keyboards has done this mod before with great success, check out her build video.

Will this PCB fit in KBDfans 60% cases like Tofu that would also fit a DZ60?

Most likely yes.

Will this PCB fit in some random 60% tray case from Taobao?

Most likely. Probably at worst, some modification to the USB cutout would be required.

Can I add foam under the PCB?


Can I add foam between the PCB and plate?


Does it have underglow?



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