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Designed by Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards. They worked together to try create a better and optimal experience for stabilisers. As enthusiasts , we also sometimes have the same frustrations you have as builders. these try to address and fix as many issues as they can, with a total redesign of the stabiliser.

Changes from v1:
Changed packaging from plastic case to cardboard box style. Less overall shipping and
warehouse footprint.
Stem sized is reduced. 


Order limit is 5 per customer! 



     Black Version 

  • Black Nylon housing.
  • Black POM stems.
  • Black Wires and screws.

     Clear Version

  • Clear Polycarbonate Housing.
  • White POM stems.
  • Black Wires and screws.

    What is included

    • 5 x 2u Wires
    • 1 x 6.25u Wire
    • 1x 7u Wire
    • 12 x Housings/Stems
    • 12 x Hex Screws
    • 12 x Nylon washers

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