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Crystalized Titanium/Zirconium Damascus.

These are in stock and available with a limited stock due to the cost and scarcity of the material. 

These come in a solid tiny hard case made here in house!
Hard case come's complimentary with the keycap.

Every cap is unique! So every single keycap will slightly differ over the photo shown here!


Crystalized Titanium and Zirconium forged Damascus keycaps.
These keycaps are manually forged into solid material, and then meticulously machined into a keycap.
Multi polishing steps to get the she shape and finish right. And then acid washed and flamed to make the Crystalized Titanium come trough.

There are 3 variants available this round.

  • Silver Crystal. These are not flame anodized to keep the material color.
  • Gold Crystal. Flame anodized to a warm deep golden color.
  • Blue Crystal. Manually Flame anodized to a Blue color.

Every keycap is unique and will differ slightly from the pictures! These are hand forged and the material changes along the entirety of it so no cap is ever exactly the same! 
The stripe pattern can be in a different rotation then shown on the photos.
Color might also slightly vary between caps as these are all hand finished and hand flamed! 


  • Forged Crystalized Titanium and Zirconium Damascus
  • Polished and flamed finish
  • MX stem compatible.
  • Ready to ship! 

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