As a collaboration between Salvun, ION Keyboards and, the following ION JUBI keyboards will be will be sold through a Vickrey Auction:

  • 6x JUBI (WKL, Soul Black)
  • 6x JUBI (WKL, Momentum Red)
  • 3x JUBI (WK, Soul Black)
  • 2x JUBI (WK, Momentum Red)

All keyboards in this collection are anodized aluminium with a stainless steel weight. They are all A-stock, packed and ready to ship after the auction.

WKL = WinKeyLess, the bottom row has 2x 1U blockers, only 7U spacebar layout is possible.
WK = WinKey, the bottom row does not have blockers, 7U and 6.25U spacebar layouts are possible.

    What is included?

    • ION Keyboards JUBI keyboard in anodized aluminium and stainless steel weight
    • WT60-XT-JUBI PCB, solderable, transparent red
    • PORON pads for PCB mount tabs
    • SKUF rubber feet
    • Case and weight screws
    • Screws for optional top mount plate
    • EVA foam carrying case
    • Stickers

    What is the shipping method and cost to my region?

    Shipping will be with DHL Express and the cost will vary greatly depending on destination address. It will be somewhere in the range of 25 to 55 USD.

    When is the auction?

    The auction starts Fri, 16 Sep 2022 10:00am EDT(UTC -4).

    The auction ends Mon, 19 Sep 2022 10:00am EDT(UTC -4).

    What is a Vickrey Auction?

    For a single item, a Vickrey auction is an auction where participants submit bids privately and the winner pays the price set by the second highest bidder. In this case, for the six JUBI (WKL, Soul Black) keyboards, the top six bidders would pay the price set by the seventh highest bidder.

    Example top bids:

    #1 - $900
    #2 - $850
    #3 - $850
    #4 - $825
    #5 - $800
    #6 - $800
    #7 - $750 ← The top 6 each pay $750

    Your bid represents the maximum amount you are willing to pay, but the actual sale price is determined by the other participants. In the example above, even though #1 bid $900, they only paid $750.

    This collection will effectively be sold through four simultaneous Vickrey auctions, one for each type, with a separate sale price calculated for each of the four types. For example, the two JUBI (WK, Momentum Red) keyboards will have a sale price set by the third highest bidder for that keyboard type, and this sale price is not related to the sale price set for the other types being sold.

    Why are we doing a Vickrey Auction?

    This is the first batch of JUBI keyboards produced by Salvun. We intend to use the money from this production to purchase raw materials, tooling and anodizing for producing subsequent larger production runs of JUBI keyboards, destined to be in-stock sales.

    We feel like this is a better alternative to running pre-orders to fund a large production run. This sale funds larger and repeated productions of JUBI keyboards to be sold in-stock.

    Unlike some other Vickrey Auctions for keyboards, the materials, colors and finishes in this production of JUBI are not exclusive and may be repeated in future. We plan to do a variety of other materials, colors and finishes in future.

    How will this Vickrey Auction work?

    • People choose one of the four types and submit a bid.
    • You can only bid once, on one type. Multiple bids will be removed.
    • Bids for each of the four types are separated and sorted highest to lowest.
    • Bids of equal amount are randomly sorted to resolve any tied bids.
    • The Nth+1 bid becomes the sale price for that type.
    • Invoices are sent to the N bidders.
    • If any invoices are not paid within 24 hours, that keyboard is offered to other bidders for the same sale price.

    Will the bid amounts or sale price be made public?

    The bid amounts will not be made public.

    The sale price will be made public, since any winning bidder can share the sale price all winning bidders paid.

    This allows winning bidders the ability to tell people they won the auction without people able to deduce their exact bid amount, only that their bid amount was greater than or equal to the sale price.

    Why are the quantities so low for each type?

    This was a very small production batch, and a combination of layouts and anodizing colors were chosen to suit a variety of preferences.

    Can I build this with a plate?

    Yes, however, a plate is not included. Plate designs are available for ordering. Winning bidders can contact Salvun to discuss optionally ordering a custom CNC-machined plate. However, building it PCB mount (plateless) is how the designer intended.

    Can I buy extra PCBs?

    Yes. Winning bidders can contact Salvun to order extra PCBs if you are interested in multiple builds.

    When will the keyboards ship to the winning bidders?

    Allowing for the time to invoice winning bidders and schedule courier pickup, we expect the keyboards to ship within 3 business days after the end of the auction.


    Vickery form.