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This is a limited preorder for Redemption, the 65% successor to Salvation, choose between 8 colorways and pick the finish of your included internal brass weight!

The PCB is supported by silicon rubber standoffs attached to FR4 (fiberglass) leaf springs mounted to the case. Foam pads underneath the leaf springs provide vibration dampening and force modulation.

The leaf springs provide exceptional flexibility, allowing the entire plate/PCB subassembly to yield under keystrokes and vibrate in isolation from the case. The result is a typing experience that is soft and vibrant across the whole keyboard.

PCB/Layout Support

Acceptable Quality Terms

Please be aware that the colors may appear slightly different in person due to various factors, including the device you're using to view them. Internal imperfections may occur and are deemed acceptable. Polycarbonate units might exhibit subtle machine lines under certain lighting conditions. There can always be delays and setbacks


Note: This limited preorder will remain open until the 500 allocated units have sold out or the preorder closing date is met.

  • Preorder launch: 04/26/24 - 12:00 PM central
  • Preorder closes: 05/23/24 - 11:59 PM central
  • Estimated fulfillment timeline: November 2024

Regional Vendors

North America: Space Holdings

Rest of the world: Salvun

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