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Whether you're organizing screws or other small components, Orbiter combines style and practicality to keep your workspace neat and efficient, while maintaining the design language and color selections from our Redemption project.


Bead blasted electrostatic coated aluminum or polycarbonate.
Designed by mvkb and manufactured by Salvun in Belgium

Acceptable Quality Terms

Please be aware that the colors may appear slightly different in person due to various factors, including the device you're using to view them. Internal imperfections may occur and are deemed acceptable. Polycarbonate units might exhibit subtle machine lines under certain lighting conditions. There can always be delays and setbacks


  • Preorder launch: 05/22/24 - 12:00 PM central
  • Preorder closes: ***
  • Estimated fulfillment timeline: November 2024

Regional Vendors

North America: Space Holdings
Rest of the world: Salvun

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