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Genuine Krytox XHT-BDZ.

What is this and why is this item more expensive than the other standard Krytox lines?

It is rated for performance at extra high temperatures in its standard industrial applications.

None of us need it for its heat rating. However, it has been discovered to have an optimum level of viscosity when dealing with stabilizer ping/rattle, something new and different to try other than the community standards of 205G0 or dielectric grease.

This should be applied in a moderately-thick, yet controlled layer to all metal stabilizer wires. XHT-BDZ is not recommended to be used for any part of a keyboard aside from stabilizer wires due to its high-density & viscosity

Krytox XHT (Extra High Temperature) lubricants are made from DuPont's proprietary fluoropolymer base oils and high-performance thickeners. As with all Krytox lubricants, these products provide excellent lubrication properties and are chemically inert, thermally stable, non-flammable, and non-volatile, making Krytox oils and greases the most robust family of lubricants available.

Sold in the following sizes: 
5 Gram (approx 2,5ml)
10 Gram (approx 5ml)

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