GMK Taegeukgi
Artisan Keycap

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Taegeukgi, which stands for the Flag of South Korea, is a keycap set completely revolving around said flag. And as its name supposes, the keyset takes advantage of the natural beauty of the original, specified colors from the flag: PANTONE 186 C (red), and PANTONE 294 C (blue), while adding GMK's WS1 (white) to be the balance between those 2 bold colors.

This set features additional flag and korean related items:

  • The Taegeuk (태극, The traditional Korean Symbol on the Flag)
  • The Trigrams (괘, called geon, ri, gam and gon)
  • South Koreas national flower (무궁화, Hibiscus syriacus (or Korean Rose))
  • Gyeongbokgung (경복궁, former main Royal Palace of Seoul)
  • Bune Tal (부네, one of the 12 traditional Hahoe Masks)

We have a super detailed artisan to match the set, machined from pure copper, then clear coated so it won't patina and keeps its intended look for years to come.


  • Available from October 26th to November 22nd of 2020.
  • Designed by Smokey.
  • Using R1 of the Cherry profile.
  • Clear Cerakoted copper.
  • MX stem compatible.


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