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The EXT65V2 is an update of our classic EXT65 design. We’ve integrated some of our changing taste as we matured and made some updates to our classic design. We like curves now, so we added some. We’ve removed the blocker and made it a true rectangle. We’ve kept the positive and negative angle. We’ve kept the mirrored left hand number pad, because it’s OG. We’ll know you will love it. We’ve removed numbered units, this board is for everyone and we’ll keep making them if there’s demand. We’ve also lowered the price from the first version which was a single run.

Extra PCB :

Lightning Typing test.


  • Designed in Australia by AEBoards
  • Machined in Belgium by Salvun
  • 412.00mm x 118.80mm x28.85mm

  • ~1400 grams (Case only)
  • Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • FR4 Plate
  • Standardised Gasket System (Poron)
  • Standardised AEBoards Feet
  • +6 / -6 Degrees Typing Incline 
  • 17.00 mm Height at the Front
  • USB-C
  • 4 Single Color Indicator Light positions (LED's not included. B.O.Y.)
  • Internal fancy schmancy engraving
  • Carry Case

Layout and QMK:

  • Layout available at KLE
  • Solder with Left hand mirrored numpad 
  • Firmware available at Xelus github
  • Runs on QMK and VIA
  • Compatible with previous EXT65 PCBs (Solderable with Macropad support)

Instock Round 1 Colours:

  • Business Gray
  • Soul Black
  • Samurai Blue
  • Momentum Red
  • Texture White


Region pricing may vary due to taxes

These boards are QC’d at the manufacturer level.

Photo's are taking under outdoor lighting. Color may slightly vary from what is on your monitor.

Internal machining marks, hook marks from anodisation process may exist. (These are not seen externally when keyboard is built completely)

All other boards with other defects will be marked as b-stock and sold as-is.

If you are missing parts, please contact your vendor as soon as possible.

If you have any problems with your board, contact your vendor as soon as possible.

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