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Open to Event Horizon raffle winners and everyone else!

We’ve created a set of 4 low-profile MX caps to match your Event Horizon or any other board. These are great if you want to keep XT/macro columns low profile, to place in the Print/Scroll/Pause block of a TKL, or for Win keys if you like WKL layouts.

The caps come in either aluminum or brass, both with their respective finish to match the Event Horizon and Supermassive. Wrinkle coat, machined top which then receives either a brush or perlage finish, and a clear coating at the end to protect it all.

Each set will come packaged in a premium custom box.

Pre-order is open for a full month until May 28. Read below for instructions if you are an Event Horizon raffle winner.


  • Set of 4
  • MX switch compatible
  • Aluminum or brass
  • 18x18x6mm
  • Event Horizon or Supermassive finish

Instructions for Event Horizon raffle winners

If you’ve ordered a board through the raffle, we will include the artisan set with your board. In order for us to make sure we don’t charge for shipping twice, here are the steps you need to go through:

  • US & UK (Protozoa): Fill out this form, you will be invoiced later.
  • EU (Salvun): Add your Event Horizon (or Supermassive) order confirmation number in the comment section of the checkout process, and use code AlreadyownEH to set shipping to free.

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