GMK Noire - Artisan Keycaps


"I am lucky enough to build keyboards and make content as my full time job, which means I wind up seeing and playing with a ton of boards. But I always felt like I never had a real workhorse set- something that would let the keyboard do the talking but also could make more plain boards look amazing. Something that would look great on most colors of boards without being black and white. A not boring minimal set. So I made Noire!" - Apiary

And so we made not one, not two, but three little artisans to compliment this beautiful set. Their colors are determined by the material revealed from under the black coating. How can you even pick just one?


  • Available from October 4th to November 4th of 2020.
  • Designed by Apiary in collaboration with Nephl0ck.
  • Using R1 of the Cherry profile.
  • Cerakoted brass, copper or aluminium.
  • MX stem compatible.


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