GMK Fox - Artisan Keycap


Autumn is change incarnate; reddened leaves and evergreen needles dance along its breeze. Warm-blooded creatures breathe clouds and bask in colors at dawn. Stumps beckon mankind and forest denizens alike, home for seconds or years. GMK Fox, a liminal mystery, can be found against this backdrop.

Singed sienna bursts from a burning sassafras stand, frolicking to its prey. Playful footprints dot the dark soil. Bright eyes dim momentarily; a mouse escaped rooting paws, exposing a darting cream tail. “An enigma,” the fox thinks, “how such things happen.” Trotting back to cover is the only choice that remains.

The only choice that you have, really, is to grab one of these adorable artisans we offer to match the set. Are you in?


  • Available from March 1st to April 30th of 2021.
  • Designed with boneandbee.
  • Using R1 of the Cherry profile.
  • Cerakoted and clear coated copper.
  • MX stem compatible.


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