The Big COVID-19 Update

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We have some updates for you on the COVID-19 related delays. 

Although Salvun has kept working during these times, a lot of supply-lines and downstream processing were very disturbed:

  • machining of the Sophia prototype is done, and waiting at the anodizer;
  • machining of the Voidcase is done, and waiting at the anodizer;
  • machining of next Synth batch is done, and waiting at the anodizer;
  • Conone keyboards are machined, and waiting at the anodizer;
  • Slope keyboards are machined, and waiting at the anodizer;
  • new batch of Salvun keycaps are waiting at the anodizer.

Sadly, the anodizer was closed for most of the last couple months, and is only now starting to return to normal work. This current week they are still understaffed, but expecting to return to 70-85% staff next week! Then work on the projects from above will start again.

Keyboards, keycaps, and the Synths are not considered critical items, so they where not processed during these times! We had no control over this, but I do not disagree with the anodizer's desicion to put everything non-critical on hold until the highly experienced staff is back on the floor. Also, for them to prioritize medical stuff over other things like these makes common sense.

So I have confirmation from the anodizer that things are starting to move again, and work will start next week on all of the above projects and a couple other smaller ones!

I'm very sorry and apologize to anyone effected by the delay this has introduced (about 5 weeks now and counting). I know and have seen most of you have been very understanding and patient, thank you for that!

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