Synth 3.2
Full Kit

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:~$ynth (or Synth) is a durable metal sculpting, molding, and casting system which was originally developed in 2014 by HWS/JoeyQuinn and has undergone several iterative improvements. Each :~$ynth is precision machined and finished by Salvun.

This is a full kit of :~$ynth 3.2 with a 1u Registration Base.


  • Kit contains: Base, Mold Box, Backing Plate, and Stem.
  • Made of precision machined and hard anodized 6061 aluminum.
  • The system uses neodymium magnets.
  • Base is compatible with all 3.x Series Boxes and Stems.


An issue with high temperature has been identified:

  • At 100C the magnetism is reduced, but will regain strength when cooled.
  • At 200C the magnetism will never regain strength.
  • 250-300C+ may cause a 'cracking' appearance on the synth (the anodization creates a discoloration that looks like cracks).