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First edition Titanium Damascus caps! 

These are in stock and available with a limited stock due to the cost and scarcity of the material. 


Titanium and Zirconium forged Damascus keycaps. These are machined and polished to give a glossy finish, then flame treated to blue the materials.

There are 3 variants available this round.

  • Triple Ti:  made from 3 different grades of Titanium and forged together. 
  • Zirc, Double Ti: Made from 2 grades of Titanium and Zirconium 
  • Zirc, Triple Ti: Made from 3 grades of Titanium and Zirconium 

Every keycap is unique and will differ slightly from the pictures! These are hand forged and the material changes along the entirety of it so no cap is ever exactly the same! 
Color might also slightly vary between caps as these are all hand finished and hand flamed! 


  • Forged Titanium and Zirconium Damascus
  • Polished and flamed finish
  • MX stem compatible.
  • Ready to ship! 

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