Kneedeep x Salvun
Patina Artisans

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 Kneedeep x Salvun  Patina Artisans

We are kicking off this series with 6 amazing creatings by KneeDeep, the patina master himself.
This is the very first round of this awesome collaboration with Kneedeep.

Corrupted Frost: A variation of black shatter. A mostly black base with veins and marbling of variations of blue, greens, and brass. Has a mildly textured feel to them.

Glistening Garnet: A deep red patina given depth with black splatter.

Cobalt Crush: A steely cobalt blue with wavelike patterns of dark and light blues with brass shining through in some areas.

Jaw Breaker: An homage to giant candies. White patina base with splattering of blue, red, and green.

Dr. Greenthumb: Dr. Greenthumb, paging Dr. Greenthumb. Emerald green patina with splatterings of stealth green for depth.

Void Shift: A jet black patina with a fine white splatter, like staring into the night sky.

This is a in stock item, These will ship as soon as it gets packaged up. Depending on the volume of orders, it may take a few days before it actually ships! 

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