First Test Round.

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Designed by Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards. They worked together to try create a better and optimal experience for stabilisers. As enthusiasts , we also sometimes have the same frustrations you have as builders. these try to address and fix as many issues as they can, with a total redesign of the stabiliser.

disclaimer: this is the first run of the staebies and there may be some issues that might need to be address. We are welcoming of feedback and will continue to address any issues.
Direct your feedback: KeyboardTreehouse Discord


  • Black Nylon housing.
  • Black POM stems.
  • Black Wires and screws.

What is included

  • 5 x 2u wires
  • 1 x 6.25u wire
  • 1x 7u wire
  • 12 x housings/stems
  • 12 x screws
  • 12 x rubber washers
  • 1 x Box for safe storage and shipping

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